Major League Fishing Pro Brent Ehrler makes his return to the show this weekend. One of the most consistent anglers out there, Brent talks about his recent record setting performance at the Major League Fishing Summit Cup semi final elimination round. He lapped the rest of the field en route to the best single 3 hour period of fishing we’ve seen on MLF. Brent talks about the pattern he was on and the drop shot technique and set up he used to embarrass his peers. We also talk about his move to the Elite Series in 2015 after 9 years on the FLW Tour.

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Next up, it’s competitive shooting legend Jerry Miculek. His list of accolades, championships and world records are too many to list, but Jerry tells us which one he is most proud of. We also discuss the 1,000 yard shot he recently made with a revolver and the strict practice regimen he keeps up as he still is competing at a high level against shooters a third of his age. Of course, we wouldn’t have the best competitive shooter of all time on and not ask for some tips on how to become a better handgunner, so get ready for some solid insight from the best of the best.

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Then, Texas Deer Association President Chase Clark joins us to talk about the growing division among the hunting community. Groups such as the Boone & Crockett Club and the QDMA seem dead set on furthering the division among hunters as evidenced by the Boone & Crockett Club’s recent press release regarding any deer taken off a high fence property.

Make no mistake about it, the anti hunting faction is united so it’s disturbing to see us hunters driving a wedge between us at a time when we need to be united more than ever. Chase also talks about the TDA and it’s important role for not only our whitetail hunting heritage in Texas, but also landowner rights across the board.

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We wrap things up with our monthly visit with our good friend Captain Len Girard who checks in live from the Texas coast. Captain Len breaks down the redfish, trout and flounder bite. From water depth, to baits (both live and artificial) and the kind of water to look for- Captain Len gives us the goods on the 3 most popular sport fish anglers pursue in our Texas bays.

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