Longtime Lake Fork Fishing Guide and newly elected member of the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Mark Stevenson joins us this weekend as we take a journey through the annals of bass fishing history – all the way back to 1986 when Mark pulled this 17.67 lb lunker out of Lake Fork. The new Texas state record bass, ‘Ethel’ would become the most popular fish ever caught.

She would be viewed by over 20 million people at original Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri up until her death in 1994. She changed the sport, changed the perception from release the grease to catch and release for bass & also changed the way state wildlife agencies managed their largemouth fisheries. Ethel became Texas Parks and Wildlife ShareLunker Program Lunker #1 – the fish and the angler who changed it all.

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Then, the outdoor industry’s fastest rising star makes her return to show, and what a year 2014 was for Eva Shockey! In addition to continuing her role as co-host of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures on Outdoor Channel, Eva also got engaged, was featured on the cover of Field & Stream Magazine, killed her biggest buck to date and dealt with a national firestorm surrounding the 510 lb black bear she harvested in North Carolina.

Well touch on all of that as well as her status as a role model for young women and aspiring huntresses and what that means to her. But the bulk of our visit will consist of how Eva deals with hunter harassment on her social media outlets. She runs her own pages and with 750,000 FB Followers, 50,000 Twitter followers and another 90,000 on Instagram- Eva continually draws the ire of anti hunters. Death threats and incredibly vile remarks are made on her pages on a daily basis. So how does Eva deal with it? I’m sure we can all learn from her take as the anti hunting faction continues to use the internet and technology to harass hunters with seemingly no consequences.

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We wrap up the show when a couple West Texas good ‘ol boys stop by to give us the details on the predator hunt of a lifetime. Ladden Ledbetter and Jacky Heflin called in and killed a West Texas mountain lion while hunting in the West Texas Big Bobcat Contest last weekend! Harvesting a Texas big cat is a rare feat in and of itself, but this is the first time I’ve heard of hunters successfully calling in and putting one on the ground. Ladden and Jacky give us all the details from that hunt. From the distress sound they used, to how the cat responded and what caliber did her in. The full team with the trophy of a lifetime:

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