Texas State House of Representative Member Trent Ashby (R. Lufkin) joins us to discuss HJR 61 – commonly referred to as the “Texas Right To Hunt Amendment”. Sadly, it’s become necessary to pass such an amendment with the anti hunting faction relentlessly lobbying to end our outdoor lifestyle. If passed, the amendment would give Texas hunters/anglers the right to continue to hunt and fish in the court of law. Texas would become the 18th state to pass similar legislation. Representative Ashby breaks down the entire amendment for us and also reflects on some of his favorite hunting experiences from the past year.

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Next up we talk winter crappie fishing with our longtime friend Wally Marshall- AKA ‘Mr. Crappie’. Wally sheds some light on the “Slow Troll” technique he uses to hammer huge schools of suspended crappie on Texas lakes during the winter months. He also talks about his favorite bait designs and colors for deep water winter slabs!

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Outdoor Icon Larry and our good bud Larry Weishuhn then drops in to talk big game handgun hunting with us! ‘Mr. Whitetail’ has long been a pioneer of taking big game animals with a handgun. We discuss the evolution of the sport, Larry’s favorite caliber and what he believes is the minimum caliber necessary to hunt big game with a some sort of hand cannon. We are excited to break into the ranks very soon as our STI Perfect 10 is on back order!

Before we let Larry go, we also touch on ‘Traditions’- the 2015 Dallas Safari Club Convention. Over 45,000 folks are expected to join Larry, myself and hundreds of other outdoor folks from around the globe as we celebrate the outdoor lifestyle with the year’s greatest hunting show. Jan 15th-18th at the Dallas Convention Center- See ya there!

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We wrap up the broadcast with a ‘Cable’s Late Season Quick Hits’ segment. I am by no means a professional hunter but there are a few late season tactics I’ve successfully used for deer, ducks, bass and predators like this January coyote:

 photo 12-28CoyoteBigDead-Copy2_zps701bd482.jpeg