We get this week’s show going by talking clear water bass tactics with longtime guide and renown Texas tournament angler Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Winter time usually means clearer water, especially with the influx of invasive zebra mussels on many Texas reservoirs. Fishing clear water presents some issues for bass fisherman this time of year, but by changing your approach, plenty of big bass can still be caught.

Charles breaks down how to attack these fish. From, line choice and poundage to casting distance and baits/techniques. What about bait color? We also get his thoughts on dull vs vibrant baits for clear water. If anyone knows clear water, cold weather Texas bass it’s Charles. Not many guides can say that two 13 plus pound TPWD Sharelunkers have been caught on their boat in the past two years. We are certainly glad to have him share his expertise and years of experience with us.

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Next we discuss the results of a recent study conducted by Texas Parks And Wildlife when TPWD Regional Director Corey Mason makes his return to the show. This in depth study spanned multiple seasons in 3 Texas counties. Dove hunters were given unmarked 12 gauge shot shells containing a standard 2 3/4 inch load with a #7 shot size. The hunters were oblivious to whether they were shooting steel or lead shot.

Every dove downed was collected, plucked and x-rayed/examined for wound channels, number of pellets that hit the bird, broken bones etc. Corey breaks down TPWD’s findings from the study. And I ask the tough question ‘Why would TPWD conduct such a study if they weren’t feeling pressured to move towards banning lead shot for dove hunting’? You won’t want to miss this one!

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We round out the show by spending some time talking monster bucks with the outdoor industries leading couple when Lee and Tiffany Lakosky drop in. You probably recognize them from their long running hit show on Outdoor Channel – ‘The Crush With Lee and Tiffany’. Their names are synonymous with big racked, free ranging whitetail bucks. But most folks fail to realize that this is Lee’s life work.

We discuss the behind the scenes labor of love that goes into the food plots, haying alfalfa, running trail cameras year round etc. Lee puts in the work and it shows with the quality of bucks that roam his Iowa farms. We also discuss age structure and at what age he starts to target bucks as mature shooters. One of the 100 plus food plots Lee puts in on his Iowa farms each year:

 photo CrushFoodPlot_zpsa9ce9652.jpg

We also are privy to a real treat when Tiffany reflects on her season which was highlighted when she harvested this 192 inch monarch known as ‘Wally’. The Lakosky’s had a 6 year history with this 8 1/2 year old buck. Heck, he’d even been wounded on two separate occasions. Still at 8 1/2 years old- Wally put on 20 extra inches of mass and was sporting his best rack ever. He is the biggest buck Tiffany has ever taken. Be sure to check out ‘The Crush With Lee and Tiffany’ Sunday evenings at 6:30 CST on Outdoor Channel. And, in case you hadn’t heard, a future big buck slayer will arrive March 2015! Congratulations Lee and Tiffany!

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