You rarely forget your first experience in any aspect of life, especially when it comes to your first successful big game hunt. On this week’s show, Henry joins his old man to talk about the preparation that went into being ready to execute a clean shot on an animal (something we’ve been practicing for months now). Also, what emotions does a seven year old experience when taking their first life?

Henry also displayed some pretty solid hunting ethics while on our hunt down at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. We get into that, how I tried to bribe him to let me sleep in, how to get a youngster comfortable enough to shoot in a hunting blind made for adults, taking his harvest to the processor and much more.

(All Smiles, and why wouldn’t he be)

(Learning the ropes on butchering)

Then an inspirational fellow by the name of Eduardo Garcia jumps on. After suffering a tragic hunting accident nearly a decade ago, Eduardo is certainly living his best life. His positivity is infections. The professionally trained chef also whips up some incredible wild game dishes that we touch on and the MontanaMex line of seasonings and sauces for which his family has become known for.

Of course we also discuss the accident and how he managed to find medical help after tragedy struck while elk hunting solo 3 miles into the back country. We hit on a few of our favorite outside of the box cuts of meat to work with, bucket list hunts, favorite game meat to work with and much more. Always great to visit with another First Lite Pro Team member. Looking forward to getting Eduardo down to Texas for a hog hunt!

(Honest days work in the backcountry)

(Eduardo doing what he loves most)