Red Snapper is always a hot topic for folks along the Gulf Coast. Especially after a criminally short ONE DAY season was implemented for recreational anglers in Federal Waters this summer. That regulation caused quite the backlash and it has since been changed to a 10 day season from June 1st – 10th. So what changed? Our Texas Parks and Wildlife Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers stops by to give us the low down on what happened. We also get updates on the overall health of our redfish, trout and flounder fisheries.

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Next up a special in studio treat when our longtime friend and honky tonker Zane Williams drops in. We revisit some of our hunts over the years- from turkey to geese and axis deer at last spring’s first ever “Guns and Guitars” hunt at Koon’s Canyon Ranch where Zane harvested a beautiful axis buck.

Zane’s new record – “Texas Like That” is also doing very well. The title track has become a fan favorite and the latest single “Jayton and Jill” has climbed to #2 on the Texas Music Chart. Zane plays us some brand new stuff of the record. We also get into his recent dream come when he took the stage at the Grand Ol Oprey for the first time! Congrats buddy, we are glad all your hard work is paying off.

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We also get into some giant muskie talk with former Duke Blue Devil 2x National Champion, USA Dream Team Member, NBA All Star and Basketball Hall of Famer Christian Laettner. Of course we mix in a little basketball discussion on the heels of the acclaimed ESPN Films “30 for 30 – I Hate Christian Laettner.” If you haven’t seen it, I encourage to check it out.

More importantly for our show though, Christian is an avid outdoorsman and passionate muskie fisherman. So much so that he founded his own muskie fishing company and social media community. He talks about living ‘The Muskie Life’ with us. What is so appealing about catching these freshwater monsters? We discuss his favorite method of catching giant muskies, what time of the year is best and Christian gives his favorite muskie fishing hot spots.

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