Well, I knew I was going to be out of the country bear hunting…so I put together this ‘Texas Legends Special Edition‘ of the show for you ahead of time. We revisit some of our favorite interviews from the past 6 yeas with guests who are Texas icons for one reason or another. Hear how legendary singer/songwriter Gary P. Nunn’s Montana elk hunt went, what about former BassMaster Classic Champ and longtime Lake Fork, TX native Takahiro Omori adding a swimming pool to his house just so he can test out new baits and see how they move?

Also- Major League Baseball Hall of Famer and Rangers/Astros legend Nolan Ryan talks about the huge double droptine buck he watched his son Reese harvest and what that meant to him as a father. We round things out by taking another look at an interview with Dr. James Kroll (AKA Dr. Deer) from 2011 where we discussed the effect feral hogs have on whitetail fawn mortality. Great stuff from some incredible guests! Thanks for sharing the journey with us.