If you haven’t heard by now, a new non typical world record axis buck was killed last month on the Rain Creek Ranch between Brady & Menard, TX. Wade Pinson was being guided by ranch manager Kyle Nunn when a giant, non typical free ranging axis buck appeared on the trail they were hunting. The buck was in full velvet and will smash the current world record pending the 60 day drying period.

Kyle Nunn joins us to talk about the crazy non typical axis genetics that the Rain Creek Ranch is known for. Look at this rack: it looks more like a double droptine whitetail! Kyle gives us the details of that epic hunt and discuss the possibility of an even bigger non typical freak still roaming the ranch. (Wade Pinson with the pending free range non typical axis buck)

 photo Axis Record_zps38ypzagd.jpg

Next, our good friend and Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter returns to the broadcast. We recap the 2015 DSC Convention (the biggest on record) as well as get into the issue of poaching in Africa and how the anti hunting faction seems to want this disturbing trend to continue. After all the press and social media firestorm surrounding the black rhino hunt that Corey Knowlton purchased at the 2014 DSC convention, it’s apparent the anti hunting community would rather rhinos continue to be poached than accept financial contributions from hunters that are earmarked to fight poaching.

Sadly, they continue to grandstand and raise millions of dollars to fight us in the public eye and in the courtroom. What if they took a page out of our book and actually used the funds they raised to go back into conserving the animals they claim to be protecting? Novel concept right? (Rhino Poaching across Africa is on the rise with their horns being sold on the black market throughout much of Asia)


Then we take a look at a new invasive species that is adapting and thriving to life in the South Texas Brush Country. Likely, high fence escapees, African Warthogs are starting to show up with more regular frequency. So much so that TPWD Chaparral Wildlife Management Area Biologist Dan Walker photographed this warthog on the WMA while conducting an aerial deer survey last fall.

We discuss what impact warthogs could have on the landscape and native wildlife. Should they be shot on sight? Trapped? Can they cross breed with feral hogs? We get Dan’s thoughts on this new dynamic on the south Texas landscape. (Photo by Dan Walker TPWD)

 photo WarthogWalker_zpsol4ti0dy.jpg

We round out the show when Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch Executive Director Dale Rollins makes his return. We discuss our state’s bobwhite and blue quail. What does all this rain mean for nesting success? What about the impact predators have on a quail population? We also discuss the recent “Operation Blue Transfusion” where the Ranch headed up an effort to reintroduce blue quail back onto the Matador WMA. (Students from Paducah High School aide in the release)

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