Riding a hot streak doesn’t begin to describe the run that our friend Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours is on! The longtime Central Texas/Hill Country guide just added another Texas Tournament Zone Angler of The Year title to his long list of accomplishments. In 5 events he and his partner had two first place finishes, two 2nd’s and a 10th!

Needless to say, Charles is on the big fish as usual and this week we find out what post spawn pattern he is using to keep hauling giant bucketmouths onto the deck of his boat. He tells us where to find them and what baits he using. What about the recent statewide flooding affect on the bite and behavior? Charles breaks it all down for us. (Charles with a Lake Austin Texas Parks and Wildlife Sharelunker #534 )

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Next, it’s our in depth interview with an old friend when Corey Knowlton makes his return to the broadcast. Over the past 15 months, Corey has taken a roller coaster ride like no hunter in modern history. If you recall, he made international headlines after submitting the winning bid for the Namibia black rhino hunt at the 2014 Dallas Safari Club convention.

Nobody could have predicted the amount of hell and backlash that would ensue. Death threats and hate mail was an everyday part of life and the FBI even had to position security outside of Corey’s residence in North Texas. Well, the controversial journey finally came to an end in May when Corey did harvest a problematic, infertile old bull. Renown news outlet CNN filmed the entire hunt and we get Corey’s take on whether or not they did a fair and unbiased account.

Corey talks about the hunt itself and danger level associated with black rhinos. Also, what caliber rifle one needs to take down a 2,000 lb animal. What about when the rhino charged the CNN reporter? We wrap up our discussion with Corey reflecting on the emotions he felt at the conclusion of the most famous single hunting adventure the modern world has ever known. Would he do it all over again to further the conservation effort? Tune in to find out.

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We then wrap things up when Mossberg Firearms’ PR and Marketing Director Linda Powell joins the show. A passionate big game hunter, Linda recaps her turkey, black bear and woodland bison hunts from this spring. We then discuss our June Photo of the Month grand prize (the MVP Predator .223) as well as the new Patriot line up of hunting rifles. Always a treat to talk rifles and shotguns with one of America’s iconic gun makers.

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