This week we are joined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Division Director Clayton Wolf. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) appropriated a record breaking amount of Pittman Robertson Dollars to state wildlife agencies this year and Texas received the most funds ever at nearly 55 million dollars – 32 of which came directly from Pittman Robertson monies!

Clayton tells us where the agency will spend those funds on the ground. At least two new WMA’s are in the works, Clayton tells us where and when we can expect them to open. Mule deer relocation, antelope relocation and various other habitat projects will also be funded via this record breaking allocation from USFWS.

 photo Clayton Wolf_zpsb6clatqq.jpg

We then talk hunting dog health and nutrition with longtime trainer Angie Lindsey of Tioga Retrievers. What should you look for in a high performance dog food? What about supplements for optimum joint and bone health? We also discuss the importance of dental hygiene and a healthy coat. Lastly, Angie gives us some training tips to help beat the summer heat- dehydration is a major issue when hot and humid temps arrive. Whether you run labs, pointers, hounds, curs, or any manner of other hunting dogs, you want your hunting buddy to be a finely tuned and well oiled machine come Opening Day! (Belle with a live flier we shot during a training session at Tioga Retrievers)

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We also check in with Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Texas coast to give us the low down on the redfish, trout and flounder bite. What about the influx of millions of gallons of fresh water into our bay systems from recent flooding and tropical storm Bill. How has that affected the bite, or has it made a difference at all? Captain Len breaks it down for us. (Captain Len with a beautiful Upper Laguna Madre Redfish)

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Dedicated frogman David Hanson then stops by to talk summer bull frog hunting with us. Few things are finer than a big mess of fresh frog legs and David tells us what to look for in an area that should be holding good numbers of frogs. How does he catch them? Bare hands, net or gig? We get all that info as well. Of course, we also get the Monroe, Louisiana resident to share his favorite cleaning method and recipe! (David with too many bull frogs to count!)

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