We start things when lifelong shotgunning enthusiast and Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation founder Mike Higgins drops by the studio. The foundation provides grants/financial assistance to competitive collegiate shotgunners. The foundation is a 501c3 non profit and is the only organization of it’s kind in the country. Mike tells us why he was inspired to start this organization and describes how the foundation awards grant money to potential applicants. Lets face it, ammo isn’t cheap these days and young shooters need all the help they can get.

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Next we are joined by longtime coastal fishing guide and outdoor writer Robert Sloan out of Port O’Connor, TX. His recent article in Texas Outdoors Journal explains why he feels the Dorado (dolphin fish, mahi mahi) is the ultimate sport fish. We pick his brain on what makes the dorado such a great sport fish, and how he consistently catches them – from bait and tackle to finding big schools and keeping them at the boat- it’s gonna be a good one!

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Next we discuss being dropped in the Alaskan bush for 28 days with nothing but a rifle and a fishing pole with Casey Keefer. The all new season of Dropped premiered on The Sportsman Channel this week and we discuss what made the “Dropped Project Be Alive” installment different from the previous seasons. Anyway you slice it, 28 days in the Alaskan bush with no food and only a couple tags (moose, caribou and blackbear) to punch and live off of is quite an undertaking. Casey also recounts his close encounter with this wolf, one that ended in him dispatching the beast at 8 feet with his 10mm pistol.

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We wrap up the broadcast when I recap my experience hunting at the Star S Ranch in Mason, TX this past week. After two days of hard glassing and lots of miles on the tires, I was able to take this mature gemsbok bull. There is no doubt that the Star S is a one of a kind place dedicated to the conservation of many African species and truly is Texas’ Safari Company.

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