Our old friend and avid bird hunter Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours kicks things off for us this week. The band’s new self titled record went to #3 on the Billboard country chart- not bad for a self produced/released record from some Oklahoma good ol boys! Evan and the guys went about this record in a very rural manner, spending a month recording/producing it on an old Northern California chicken farm. (Evan doing what he does best)

 photo EvanFelker_zpswqnsrfab.jpg

If you’ve listened to the the first track on the new record, then you probably gather that Evan is a passionate outdoorsman as well. We take a listen to the brand new tune “The Bird Hunters”. Then we cut up and rehash some of our favorite hunts from this fall. We also Evan’s thoughts on everything from bobwhite quail numbers rebounding to what ducks he has mounted at his house. Hell, he even gives us his favorite duck recipe and talks about his passion for raising and hunting over his German Wirehair Pointers.

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The we run some jug lines with Louisiana Sportsman columnist and lifelong outdoorsman Josh Chauvin. Josh has been running jug/noodle lines for catfish for years and he sheds some insight on his typical set up from bait, line choice, hook, leader to depth and how keeps thieves from stealing his catch and worse, his gear. We also get this native Cajuns favorite turtle recipe (another of his favorite things to run traps for). Check out Josh’s “Apex Predator” column at www.louisianasportsman.com

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We round out the broadcast by talking Central Flyway waterfowl with Texas Parks and Wildlife Small Game and Migratory Bird Program Leader Dave Morrison. Dave recently returned from the Central Flyway Commission meeting and we discuss some changes in the way they outline season dates/bag limits. We also dive into how the prediction of an “El Nino” winter will affect the upcoming duck season. Other things we hit on include: short stopping waterfowl, global warming’s effect on southern nesting ducks and the plight of the mottled duck in the Gulf Coast region.

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