We start things off by welcoming Lake Fork Angler Ronny Norenberg to the show. On Monday, Ronny shattered a 50 year old state record by hauling in this monster channel cat! The new Texas state record. Ronny’s fish tipped the scales at 37.54 lbs- beating the old record by over a pound and crushing the Lake Fork lake record by nearly 20 lbs! Ronny describes the day in detail from weather, to bait, the fight and we get the initial thoughts that went through his head once he landed this awesome beast!

 photo Ronny Norenburg_zps5f2wzlqn.jpg

Next, former Texas Longhorn and NFL wideout Jordan Shipley drops in to talk some whitetail deer and elk hunting with us. After a short NFL career derailed by injury, Jordan has pursued his other passion and is in his 2nd season as the co host of the Bucks of Tecomate on Outdoor Channel. We discuss bow vs rifle hunting, food plots and even chasing bugling bull elk through the mountains. And of course…I’ll have to whip Jordan with some Baylor football talk lol!

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We wrap up this broadcast by talking winter largemouth patterns with Skeet Reese. The 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champ and former Angler of the Year tells us where to find fish in cooler water and how to catch them. He also provides insight as to how pro anglers weigh decisions about abandoning one bite or pattern during a tournament in search of a better one…it doesn’t always work out as Skeet eludes to. Lastly we talk Major League Fishing and the format that keeps the audience and anglers on pins and needles during every episode on Outdoor Channel!

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