We talk Texas Parks and Wildlife’s winter trout stocking program with Hatcheries Program Leader Carl Kittel of TPWD’s Inland Fisheries Division. Over 300,000 rainbow trout will be stocked at nearly 150 locations throughout Texas this winter. Program Leader Carl Kittel joins is to talk about the program. Where does TPWD get the fish, how big are the stocker trout? What are his favorite baits/lures to catch them on?

 photo TexasParksTrout_zpsazliww1n.jpg

Next we talk ducks with Edd Hanson of Hanson Outdoors. The longtime duck guide talks about the warm weather and it’s affect on duck migration. This year is becoming known as the “Year of the Gadwall” (pictured below) by many southern duck hunters. The big push of mallards simply hasn’t happened because of a very warm winter. Edd also breaks down his late season decoy spreads and does a calling demo on the air. Hopefully temps will start falling as we move into the last month of the season.

 photo Gadwall_zpsrsslhqqf.jpg

We round out the show when North Carolina angler/catfish guide Zakk Royce drops in talk about his fishing tale for the ages! Zakk broke the North Carolina state record for blue catfish last week. And he did it TWICE in a 24 hour period. First with a 91 lb monster and then besting his just certified record with this 105 lb behemoth just hours later. Crazy story and we are thrilled to have Zakk join us to give us all the details from one crazy day on the water. Both fish were certified and released back into the Lake Gaston, N.C. (Zakk with his 105 lb blue cat)

 photo Zakk Royce_zpshftbpxws.jpg