Fishing guide and FLW Angler Paul Bailey of Northern California gets things going for us when he jumps on to discuss his new world record spotted bass! The big girl was weighed on 3 different scales before being released back into the water. BUT, there were a few issues with getting this fish certified. Paul talks about the ridiculous regulations placed on anglers by the IGFA and the California Game & Fish’s lack of effort in helping Paul get his fish certified. At the end of the day, I admire him for making the decision not to kill this once in a lifetime fish.

 photo Paul-bailey-world-record-spotted-bass_zps9fbqucwa.jpg

Next, a very special in studio treat when 14 Year old Brooke Bateman and her father Mike drop by to discuss a special hunt on their Stephens County, TX lease. Not only did Brooke harvest her first ever deer, but it also happened to be a solid black melanistic buck! A deer so rare that an average of one is shot in Texas each season and less than 5 are harvested throughout the entire country. The 6 point black whitetail deer was aged at 3.5 and had been seen on camera only one time previously- exactly a year to the date from the day Brooke harvested him!

 photo Brooke Bateman Melanistic Buck_zpsizg3w9zd.jpg

Then we talk mountain lion hunting and sheep hunting with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter. After a heavy dose of chasing game through the mountains, we shift gears and discuss the upcoming Dallas Safari Club Convention. “CONSERVATION” takes place Jan 7-10 in downtown Dallas and over 50,000 attendees will enjoy over 1,800 booths from over 1,000 exhibitors this year.

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