Our longtime friend and fishing guide Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours stops in to talk winter white bass with us. Charles is catching solid limits of big fish despite the cooler temps. He tells us where to key in on large schools of sandies and what to catch them on. He even offers up a tip to he implores that catches them two at a time.

 photo Sandbass_zpsqda1h71p.jpg

Next, 14 year old Carsten Cook and his father John drop by to tell the tale of an axis buck like none of us have ever seen. “Clubhead” as they affectionately called him, had been seen from time to time on their Rocksprings, TX low fence ranch over a three year period. However, the freak buck had only shown up on trail cameras at night. So when Carsten and his younger brother Christian had him show up one morning, John was in disbelief that his son had actually killed the ghost like buck. We get both of their takes on the experience as well as dive into what could be the cause for this buck never shedding his velvet mess of a rack each year like every other axis buck does. (Carsten and Christian with “ClubHead”)

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Outdoor writer Josh Glovinsky of Midwest Fishing Adventures joins us next to talk winter fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass. There is a misconception out there that these fish go deep during the winter, and while some do suspend in the main lake, there are still plenty of fish to be caught in the shallows. From smallies or Guadelupe’s in the river systems to big bucketmouths off docks and other shallow structure- there are plenty of winter fish to pursue with the long rod. Josh gives us his favorite fly patterns and rod/reel weight combination. Plus, he offers some up insight on how to skip all those fancy fly tying knots this time of year.

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(Photo by Gink and Gasoline)

We round out the broadcast by checking in with renown big game Professional Hunter and television show host Ivan Carter. Native son of Zimbabwe, Ivan Carter stands alone as the one man who can peel back the complex layers of African human/wildlife conflict, including rampant poaching of elephants and rhinos. Having grown up in the bush and after 25 years as a professional photographic guide, hunting guide and leading voice of conservation, Carter brings an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge regarding Africa and her complex political, cultural and human development issues.

Carter’s newest show, Carter’s W.A.R. (Wild Animal Response), produced by Shockey Productions, aims to shed new light into the Dark Continent:

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