We start things off by taking a look at one of the most innovative designs we’ve ever seen in the world of shotguns – the 3.5 chamber- a concept that revolutionized waterfowling in 1988 and has continued to be a favorite choice of hunters ever since. Mossberg’s Linda Powell drops in to look back at the top secret development of and release of the first 3.5 inch chambered shotgun nearly 30 years ago. How was Mossberg able to keep the design a secret? What was Federal Ammunition’s role? Very interesting to hear how this favorite for goose and turkey hunters came about.

 photo Mossy 835_zps9fetljzu.jpg

Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours then makes his return. Having cashed a first place check in each of his last 4 tournaments, it’s safe to say he is dialed in on post spawn largemouth bass. He tells us where he is finding them and what baits are resulting in the most strikes. Plus, is Falcon Lake on it’s way back? Charles gives us his take.

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We wrap up the show by spending a couple segments on the new CWD Regulations put into place by Texas Parks and Wildlife last week. We break down the reaction from folks from both sides of the fence. David Yeats – CEO of the Texas Wildlife Association and Patrick Tarleton -Executive Director of the Texas Deer Association each spend a segment with us discussing the regulations and how it will affect whitetail deer in Texas moving forward.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife in conjunction with the Texas Animal Health Commission decided that live testing for CWD will be an option for deer breeders. This makes Texas the first state to adopt live testing and we hope that images like the one below will become a thing of the past. (brain stems being pulled from euthanized deer for the purpose of CWD testing)

 photo CWD Testing_zpst60vysy7.jpg