We discuss a big loss for hunting and conservation that was handed down in Florida two weeks ago. SCI State Affairs Director Jeff Patchen drops in to give us Safari Club International’s take on this giant step backward for conservation. In 2015 Florida hunters took 304 bears in the inaugural two day hunt. That same year, 243 bears were killed by motorists and 6,094 nuisance related phone calls were placed to Florida’s wildlife agency. Hello- you have a bear problem. Hunters are here to help fix it. Science based management is the only wildlife management tool that has proven to work. (Animal rights activists protesting in teddy bear costumes – irony is that they provide no money for conservation, never have, never will so the wildlife ends up losing when hunting goes away). If you are a bowhunter and are determined to continue hunting, despite these protesters, you may find this article on the best hunting arrows useful to you.

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Next, passionate hunter and Texas honky tonker Mike Ryan drops by the studio. We hear some brand new tunes from an upcoming record due out this fall. Plus, we talk back country archery hunting as Mike gears up for his first ever elk bow hunt! (Mike performing ‘Damn Good Goodbye’ in the Lone Star Outdoor Show studio)

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Then, a man that hardly needs an introduction – R Lee Ermey of ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and other signature movie roles makes his return. We get into the ‘Wussification of America’ as well as his hit show ‘Gunny Time’ which airs on Outdoor Channel. What new machine gun has Gunny fallen in love with since our last visit? All that and much more!

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