When Buzzbaits hit the market years ago they were all the rage. Some anglers even wanted them outlawed in tournaments. Today, they often sit in a dark corner of the tackle box, barely used. Wired2Fish’s Walker Smith joins the show this week to explain 10 reasons why that is a huge mistake.

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Next, longtime friend of the show Aaron Lewis drops in to discuss his new record ‘Sinner’. The former hard rocker has found his mellow side in writing and singing real country music- far from the Nashville pop being played on the radio today. An avid bow hunter, we’ll also talk about the upcoming hunting season, chasing elk with a bow and his favorite carry weapon. Oh, and you won’t want to miss his take on the potential nightmare of Hillary Clinton being our next president.

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We wrap things up by recapping my recent mule deer and elk hunt in Colorado. It there was a way to screw it up, I did it. Hopefully one of you can learn from my mistakes and not loose that trophy of a lifetime this season. Humble Pie and tag soup is all I came back to Texas with.

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