The summer that wouldn’t quit seems to finally be relenting. That means our buddy Jeff Thomason from Predator Pursuit will be out calling song dogs. Jeff talks about his typical set up for a stand. We get the details on everything from what caliber he recommends to how long he plays a sound on the Foxpro before changing it up. How long will he sit on one stand? All that and a whole lot more with one of the best at stacking fur.

 photo Jeff Coyotes_zpswnmoesov.jpg

Next we head down to the Gulf of Mexico with longtime tuna captain Bruce Daniecki. It’s been a rough year for tuna fisherman and Bruce gives us his take on why that is. We also get into where to find both yellow and blackfin tuna. Of course Bruce also talks about the different methods of fishing for each species and how he rigs up for each.

 photo Yellowfin_zps3ac1idtb.jpg

In the next segment we keep things rolling with Captain Daniecki but on a totally different topic- Idle Iron. This policy enacted by the Interior Department in 2010 signaled the end for the world’s largest artificial reef system and the vitality of many of the species found on these unique oil rig ecosystems. With over 4,000 oil rigs set to be removed or altered, this is has been a huge loss for angles and conservation. Bruce talks about what he’s seen first hand concerning the effect of Idle Iron. (Here a rig is blown up. The resulting fish loss was incredible. Thousands of snapper wasted- for what?)

 photo Idle Iron_zpsolcioywh.jpg

We round out the broadcast with a Texas hunting tale for the ages! Former Texas A&M baseball player Mitchell Nau recently harvested what is perhaps the largest mountain lion ever taken in Texas. He talks about that evening last month when the lion suddenly bounded out of the canyon he and his buddies were overlooking at sunset. The ensuing free handed shots at 200 plus yards are the stuff of legend! The cat weighed 160 lbs after bleeding out overnight. Huge kitty!

 photo Mitchell2_zps9lbemxrd.jpg