In 1991, the Federal Lead Shot Ban was implemented for all waterfowl loads. 25 years after the fact, we take a look at how that reshaped the waterfowl shot shell market place. Hevi Shot ammunition President and Co- Founder Ralph Nauman drops in to talk about the history of steel shot alternatives and why those loads are more lethal than today’s regular steel shot shell. Plus, did you know that some of today’s non toxic loads are even denser than lead? Ralph also takes through the testing phase of how they prove to the USFWS that a shot shell is indeed non toxic. (Pintail wrecked by Hevi Shot)

 photo Hevishot Duck_zps4kfrtnzl.jpg

Next we are joined by Joshua Creek Baptist Church Pastor Gene Wolfenbarger. His congregation sent him and his son on a bucket list caribou hunt as a 30th Anniversary present! At 77 years old, Dr. Wolfenbarger found the Quebec adventure to be quite the physical challenge. We relive the experience and I can’t help but feeling a little closer to the Man Upstairs in doing so. (Pastor with his Caribou)

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November is one of the best times to head down to the Gulf for that trophy bull red. The spawn is on and Captain Len Girard tells us where he is finding big schools of healthy reds as well as limits of trout. (Nice bull I caught on a recent trip with Captain Len)

 photo RedfishSmall_zpsawmfjdy3.jpg

Then we welcome John X Safari’s Owner and Longtime PH Carl Van Zyl to the show live from the Dark Continent. Carl is the 2nd generation owner of one of South Africa’s premiere hunting outfits and we discuss a myriad of topics from Sustainable Use Hunting, to What to Expect on Your First Safari and South Africa’s storied Eastern Cape. We are looking forward to visiting with Carl periodically as we gear up for our first Safari this summer! (Carl with a huge bull sable)

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