This week’s show is like none other. In The Instagram Edition, we deviate from the script to bring you real interviews from hunters/anglers much like yourself. These four individuals put out some of the best content on social media and I am a big fan of their Instagram pages for one reason or another. In this episode we visit with each of them regarding their area of expertise.

Few folks have a passion for back country bowhunting like Zach Owens. This guy lives and breathes it and his @Beyond_the_Backcountry page is proof of that. With over 26,000 followers, Zach routinely puts out great content for the Western bow hunter. We discuss the species he pursues in his home state of Idaho. Plus, I’ll get his take on the hunting community attacking itself from the inside out. Zach also gives us a first hand account of what wolves have done to Idaho’s elk herds. (Zach with a beautiful Idaho velvet mulie)

 photo Beyond The Backcountry_zpsr4poj00x.png

Next we check in with a longtime friend of mine who has a passion for hog hunting like no one I’ve ever met. Anthony Amantine didn’t get the nickname ‘TxKiller’ for nothing and everytime he takes down a hog, he does the landowner a great service. Only on Instagram for a year, his @a.amantine account has grown to over 7,500 followers. We discuss appropriate calibers and bullet selection for both day and night hunting scenarios. Is the .223 really a great round for feral hogs? Anthony breaks it down and much more.

Plus we also get into his passion for photography. Whether it’s a great trophy photo or one of his hundreds of gun photos, Anthony is a maestro behind the lens. Looking forward to having him share some of his photography tips. (Anthony with a morning’s work)

 photo anthony hogs_zps3uaqwqmb.png

We then shift gears and break out the long rod when my favorite fly fishing page drops in. James Carpenter – AKA @DirtyNymper- joins us to talk all things fly fishing for big browns and rainbows. His 10,000 followers have come to expect great fly fishing information and amazing photos and James delivers on an almost daily basis. The South Dakota Fire fighter has been fly fishing for 30 plus years and has a wealth of knowledge on hunting trophy trout with a fly rod.

He gives us his favorite dry flies and nymphs for this time of year as well as the presentation technique that early winter trout are most likely to respond to. James also gives us his take on catch and release and if it bothers him when other anglers keep fish. You can also check out his ‘The Troutmen’ page on Facebook for more trout fishing insight. (James with a Black Hills brownie)
 photo DirtyNymper_zpssypjh7uo.png

We wrap things up with some wild game discussion with Jeremiah Doughty of @FromFieldToPlate. This hunter turned wild game chef has amassed a following of over 18,000 folks for good reason. He simply creates some of the most original and delicious wild game dishes you’ll see. Jeremiah talks about the ‘From Field to Plate’ lifestyle his family lives everyday, having not purchased meat at a store in over 3 years.

He also gives us a couple of his favorite late fall/early winter dishes that are especially easy to create. You can find more of his culinary expertise on his website: (Jeremiah collecting the precious bounty from a hard earned pronghorn)

 photo Jeremiah Doughty_zpsz8mf4iqg.jpg