We start off by talking extreme cold weather back country hunting tips and survival with Aron Snyder of Kifaru International and the Gritty Bowmen Podcast. Aron spends over 180 days/nights in the back country each year hunting and testing new gear. He gives us his top tech tips on how to stay warm during that late season back country hunt. From clothing, to footwear, how to stay warm in your sleeping bag and what he uses for ground cover in his tent.

 photo aron snyder_zpsgca2hvv8.png

Then we head down to the Texas coast and gig some flounder with Texas A&M Galveston Marine Biology Senior Cody Klindt. The flounder are in the shallows and each cold front provides excellent gigging opportunity for these delicious flat fish. Cody walks us through the gear needed to get in the gigging game and what to look for as far as areas to target large schools of congregating flounder preparing to head out to the gulf and spawn.

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We wrap things up by taking a look at the banner quail year of 2016 with the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch’s Dr. Dale Rollins. Nobody knows more about, or has studied Texas quail more than Dr. Rollins. After back to back population boom years, what does he forsee moving forward? Remember, it was just 3 years ago that quail numbers were so low that there was real concern for the species’ longterm survival as a viable game bird. Dr. Rollins also gives us the latest on eyeworm mortality rates in bobwhites and much more.

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