One of my favorites in recent memory- Louis Cahil of Gink and Gasoline explaining how a soft drink can save a gill hooked fish from bleeding out.

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Then we hear a timeless interview with the Duck Commander concerning hunting vs attending the birth of your child. Which is more important? Tune in to hear Phil break it down.

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Next, we go back in time and recount Jeff Foxworthy’s favorite deer camp prank of all time! It’s a knee slapper.

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In a career that spanned 4 decades as a Major League pitcher, Nolan Ryan missed very few starts. But one unfortunate bite from a coyote meant the Hall of Fame hurler wouldn’t suit up on game day. Nolan reflects on that infamous encounter with a Texas coyote.

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Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball and Bo knows bowhunting! Classic interview with one of the greatest athletes we’ve ever seen. The Heisman Trophy winner shares his passion for the outdoor lifestyle in this interview from the audio vault.

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Then, it’s one of my favorites with everybody’s favorite uncle- Ted Nugent! You never know what Ted’s going to say.

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