We start off by talking spawning sand bass with longtime guide and our good friend Carey Thorn. The creeks should be full for the next 6 weeks and Carey gives us all the details on how to catch them on both conventional tackle and a fly rod, although during this visit we really key in on how to catch them with the long rod. (First sandbass I caught on a fly rod with Carey circa 2012)

 photo Sandies Small_zps1vzinqdb.jpg

Then we are joined by Tyler Toney of DUDE PERFECT. The guys are currently filming for season 2 of their hit show. You probably know them as the kings of the Trick Shot and funny guy humor. Their youtube channel has 16 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views! We talk elk hunting, bass fishing and a whole lot more.

 photo Tyler_zpsibolcifg.png

We wrap up the broadcast by talking all things turkey conservation, restoration and hunting with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Turkey Program Leader- Jason Hardin. We examine a day in the life of these crazy birds in hopes that if understand them, we might be able to put our tag on a mature tom this spring.

 photo wild-turkey-inset_zpsf4rjfnpy.jpg