This week we discuss spring bear hunting with Linda Powell of Mossberg Firearms. Our longtime friend, Linda is one of the most passionate bear hunters I’ve come across in the outdoor industry. She’s taken black bear all over North America and brown bear in Alaska and even Russia. We discuss the new 6.5 Creedmoor lineup from Mossberg as well, plus Linda tells us about the Mossberg 835 Turkey Shotgun which we will be giving away to our March 2017 Photo of the Month Winner!

 photo Linda Powell Bear_zpsj6ziyzeh.png

Next we discuss the use of thermal imaging drones for hog eradication and wildlife management surveys. I had the opportunity to go out with Jason Douglas of Thermal Wildlife Drones last week and take in first hand how a drone can help landowners find and eliminate feral hogs. But this technology comes with a grey area for me. We discuss all the details with Jason. (Jason waiting for dark to fly the drone- we would kill 14 hogs with the drones assistance that night)

 photo Jason Douglas_zpsntom6agz.jpg

The clarity of the image captured by the drone’s camera was amazing. I can see how this technology could be used as a great wildlife surveying tool for landowners.

 photo Thermal Hog Image_zpsfdfbej6h.png

We round out the show by visiting with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter for the last time. Ben is stepping down after a decade at the helm of DSC. We take a look back at what he’s most proud of during that tenure. A veteran of over 20 trips to Africa, I also ask him what to expect and how to prepare for my first trip with John X Safaris this summer.

 photo Ben Carter_zpsjpphj9cv.png