We start off by visiting with pro bass angler Alton Jones Jr. I caught up with Alton at the Bassmaster Classic media day in Houston this week. We’ll deviate from the normal script here as I ask Alton some off the wall questions and try to keep him on his toes as he gears up for his first Bassmaster Classic appearance.

 photo Alton-Jones-JR_zpsprh62zx8.jpg

Next we discuss the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber in detail with Horizon Firearm’s Derrick Ratliff. This caliber has taken the hunting/shooting community by storm in the past two years and Derrick tells us why he thinks it’s the most versatile caliber available.

 photo Creedmor_zpsllyzcytj.png

Then we get Derrick’s take on muzzle breaks. Should you have one on your hunting rifle? He gives us the pros and cons.

 photo Muzzle Breaks_zps6nfdyhpj.jpg

We round out the show by checking in with 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champ Casey Ashley. He gives us his thoughts on how Conroe will fish for this weekend’s tournament. Surprisingly, a very warm winter has the majority of the field scrambling to figure out what pattern the bass are in. Casey also gives us his take on tying baits directly to braided line. Does he do it? Under what circumstances? All that, plus we talk Nashville and the ruination of country music with the recording artist turned angler.

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