We start off by checking in with 25 year old Jordan Lee who last week won the 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe outside of Houston. He gives is the low down on how he brought 27 lbs to the scale on the final day to earn the most coveted trophy in fishing and a nice $300,000 check! Jordan also talks about the collegiate bass fishing circuit and how it was instrumental in his evolution as a tournament angler. Great advice and insight for any young aspiring anglers out there.

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Then we switch gears and discuss how to understand deer movement and behavior in the South Texas Brush Country with Dr. Bronson Strickland of the Mississippi State Deer Lab, Dr. Strickland spent quite a bit of time studying deer in South Texas prior to becoming the co director of the famed Mississippi State Deer Lab.

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Then we take a look at a 10 year study conducted by Dr. Strickland and his peers at the Mississippi State Deer Lab. This study analyzed whether nutrition or genetics (in a controlled setting) are the deciding factor for big racks and big bodies in whitetail deer. The findings were somewhat shocking to say the least!

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We wrap up the broadcast by checking in with longtime crappie guide Greg Pavur. The spawn is on and Greg tells us where to find them, how to catch them and how to cook them!

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