We start out by visiting with Veteran Outdoors SGT Toby Nunn. There is a massive gap in the lives of our returning veterans- the transition period from active duty to returning to civilian life can be a difficult one. Luckily, there are organizations such as Veteran Outdoors that use the Great Outdoors as a bridge to help these returning heroes slide back into some sort of normalcy in their everyday lives. Toby talks about the difference that Veteran Outdoors made in his life as well as continues to make in the lives of many of our nation’s finest.

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Finding peace/healing through outdoor experiences have helped 1000’s of our heroes as they struggle with a return to civilian life.

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Then we talk late spring/early summer crappie fishing with 7 time Crappie Anglers of Texas Angler of the Year Paul O’Bier. Nobody knows crappie better than Paul and he tells us where to find them, what baits to use and the technique he employs to bring them in the boat. Paul also gives us his top 3 big crappie lakes in Texas and his #1 big crappie lake of all time. If you’re looking for that elusive 3 lb slab, then you will want to tune in.

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Then we check in with Golf Pro Ryan Gray. The video of Ryan striking a flying duck (and killing it) with his tee shot has become an internet/viral sensation. He recounts that surreal moment with us. And yes, you are hitting 3 off the tee if it happens to you!

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