We talk wolf hunting and it’s role in big game conservation with wolf hunter extraordinaire Luke Sterling of Sterling’s Extreme Outdoors. Luke has the only footage I’ve ever seen of 3 wolves getting put down on one sit! And he self filmed it to boot. But Luke hasn’t always been a wolf hunter, it is something he evolved into as a lifelong Montana resident who has seen these apex predators decimate Montana’s elk and mule deer herds. (Luke with a giant black wolf)

 photo Wolf Small_zpssjmdsbjj.png

We also dive into the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services epic blunder of reintroducing the wrong subspecies of wolves back in 1995. This often overlooked black eye for USFWS is largely responsible for the declining cervid herds in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Of course we also pick Luke’s brain on caliber choice, hunting methods and much more. (One of my favorite myths that the anti hunters like to throw out- wolves only prey on the young, old, sick and weak – this trophy bull’s experience says otherwise)

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Next, we take a historical look back at how Lake Fork took a nation by storm with a single 17 plus largemouth back in 1986. ‘Ethel’ would create a catch and release mindset going forward and was instrumental in setting a standard for fish care as well. We also break down the post spawn pattern the fish are on with our bud Heath Hardwick who put us on some good ones this week!

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We wrap things up by introducing a great new product when our friend Cody Maxwell of Drive Over Chock drops by the studio. The brand new Drive Over Chock is ideal for anyone who hauls an ATV, golf cart, 4 wheeler or otherwise. We also mix in some bass and trout fishing with the lifelong angler.

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