Now is the time to start planning this fall’s backcountry hunts. Draw results are coming in and over the counter tags are being purchased. So, we talk backcountry shelters with Kifaru International’s Aron Snyder. Tent, Tipi or Tarp? What should you choose for your backcountry hunt/fishing trip based on when and where you are going? Aron breaks it down for us.

 photo Aron Snyder Shelter_zpsldbn09qw.png

Then we also spend a segment on bear hunting as Aron just returned from British Columbia where he fulfilled his lifelong dream of taking an interior grizzly bear. We get the nitty gritty details of that 14 day hunt as well. We also discuss some of the perks of being in the outdoor industry and the hunting opportunity that it affords each of us.

 photo Aron Grizz_zpslp6kk3kx.jpg

Next, we take a walk down memory lane and get back to the basics of fishing with 3 time Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year – Mark Davis. Bluegill or some kind of panfish was likely the first fish most of us ever caught (I know it was mine). Yet, they are often overlooked as a viable sport fish and table option. Mark talks about his love for big bluegills and where he finds them this time of year. The early summer spawn is a great time to put some big ones on the stringer!

 photo Bluegill_zpsxhjm3dqg.jpg

We wrap up the show by getting the latest news from the All Seasons Feeders product line up with 2nd generation owner Zach Gates drops in. There are some exciting things coming this fall concerning their deer blinds, bbq smokers and feeders.

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