Garrett Hellinger of Kopfjager Industries gets things going for us with some precision shooting discussion. The former military sniper is currently a DFW area SWAT team sniper. Clearly, we are talking to the right guy when it comes to one shot, one kill. Garrett talks about the history behind Kopfjager Industries and the innovative Reaper Grip that has become widely popular with hog and predator hunters. (Garrett and I in the studio)

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Field and Stream Fishing Editor Joe Cermele joins us next to discuss the much maligned bowfin. These prehistoric fish are incredible fighters and tough to target. Sadly, most anglers never pursue the bowfin. Native to the the Eastern half of the country, the bowfin is pound for pound one of the best freshwater fighters out there. Joe has become ‘hooked’ in recent years and he tells us where to find them, what baits to throw and what time of the year results in the most hookups.

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As many of you know, I recently had some cameras stolen off my deer lease. So I figured we’d discuss the do’s and don’ts of dealing with Poachers and Thieves with Operation Game Thief’s Lt. Jason Jones. Do signs really thwart would be crooks? What about dummy game cameras? What should you do if you’re in your stand and an armed poacher appears on your property? We discuss with Lt. Jones.

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