It’s no secret that hunters have seen banner quail crops in 2015 and 2016. So now that we are headed back in the right direction, what does that mean longterm for the bobdwhite? Quail Coalition Executive Director Jay Stine makes his return to the show to discuss. We also take a look at the dynamic between hunter harvest and overall quail population vitality. Do hunters truly impact quail numbers?

Plus, Jay discusses some things to keep in mind regarding how to manage a property with quail nesting in mind. What shrubs/grasses offer quail nutrition and nesting cover vs ones that should be targeted for removal due to their lack of beneficial characteristics. Plus, Quail Coalition is looking to expand past it’s current 12 chapters and could even be looking outside of Texas.

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Next, we are joined by outdoor writer Dan Oko and 30 year tarpon fishing veteran Scott Alford. We’ll break down Dan’s recent tarpon fishing cover story on the latest Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine titled “Landing the Silver King”. Not only do we take a historical look back at tarpon fishing and it’s heyday back in the 1930s, we also dive into Project Tarpon (which Scott Founded in 2006) and how viable tarpon populations are today.

Unlike many species, tarpon will migrate thousands of miles annually and GPS tags confirm this fact to a great extent. Scott talks about the techniques he uses to land a high percentage of tarpon, which is still only about 50% of hookups due to their aerial acrobatics and tendency to throw the hook. All things tarpon fishing and tarpon conservation with two guys who know alot more about it than myself.

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We round out the broadcast by checking in with YUDU Outdoors CEO Brian Senn. After growing more and more disenchanted with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Brian and his team came up with YUDU Outdoors – a new social media app for hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. No more hate, animosity or death threats from anti hunters, anti gun, tree hugging libtards. Life is too short for that kind of hate. So, what do YUDU outdoors?

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