We talk about the role health and fitness play in the outdoor lifestyle with Warrior Fuel creator and CEO Ryan Alspach. The lifelong bowhunter is built like a Greek God and offers up 25 years of fitness knowledge on everything from diet, to weight training/cardio, gut health and supplements. The lifelong bowhunter and Utah native also divulges the truth about Whey Protein products…you might be shocked to hear what some of us have been putting into our bodies in the name of “fitness”.

Then, a special in studio treat in the form of singer/songwriter Jason Eady. We take a listen to some new tunes off his new self titled record, his 6th studio production to date. Also, we take a look back at the way we grew up vs the way our kids are growing up. Was it a better time and place when you left the house in the morning with a fishing pole and baseball glove with instructions from the parents to just be back by dark? It’s an interesting conundrum for a couple guys who make part of their livings using social media/technology to promote themselves on a daily basis.

We wrap things up by talking spring bear hunting with Mossberg Firearm’s Linda Powell. Our resident bear expert discusses her favorite calibers and bullet selection for black bear. Then we get into our June Photo Of The Month Contest which Mossberg is offering up a pair of Patriot Rifles in the caliber of a parent and their child’s choices. That’s right, two rifles up for grabs this month! Be sure to submit your best hunting/fishing/outdoor photo to enter! (Patriot lineup ranges from 22-250 to .375 Ruger and is available in Walnut, Laminate and Synthetic stocks (pictured below).