I honestly thought Outdoor Channel would decline comment on the suspension of Wild Game Nation after host Bill Busbice was convicted of elk poaching in Wyoming. Not only did Outdoor Channel get in front of this issue, they accepted the opportunity to discuss it on this weeks show in the form of President/CEO Jim Liberatore. I ask him the tough questions and he gives a very candid and honest interview. I think the message is clear from Outdoor Channel that poaching and gross wildlife violations will not be tolerated.

(Jim Liberatore- CEO Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks)

Then we visit with Randy Richard- owner of Glacier Wear and North America’s largest fur buyer/trader. The lifelong trapper, furrier and outdoorsman joins the show this week to discuss the history of the fur trade in North America. We start with the Romantic Era of the mid 1800s and how the beaver trade drove Western expansion across the U.S.

We also talk about the peak of the 1970s-80s to bottoming out completely to where we are today. Can a trapper make a living full time in today’s world? What furs does he buy most frequently and from what regions are they preferred? Fascinating stuff regarding one of our most time honored traditions in North America.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar jumps on to discuss the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act. This science based conservation measure would stop the government hire (taxpayer dollars) of sharp shooters to remove up to 400 bison from the park and instead allow hunters to help in the manage the overpopulated herd. I think this option sounds much more appealing than 400 dead and rotting bison carcasses scattered across the plateaus of one of America’s most iconic sites.