We start off by taking an inside look at a half a billion dollar a year industry in the form of exotic hunting. Longtime outfitter Clay Pope of Pope Brother Guide Service has been hunting exotics for over 2 decades and has seen how the market has changed as well as the number of species that are currently found on the Texas landscape, both behind fences and free ranging. What exotic species are the roughest on feeders and fences? Which ones rut the hardest and are most likely to kill each other during the breeding season? From Bongo to Transcaspian Urial, to axis, blackbuck and aoudad…Clay talks about each one in detail plus a whole lot more.

Then we check in with our old friend and longtime striper guide Jacob Orr of Limitless Outdoor Adventures. Jacob tells us where he is finding schools of big fish on one of North America’s most iconic striper fisheries. We also discuss his set up as far as rod/reel/line/hooks. Most importantly though, he tells us how to catch bait and how to keep them alive during the hot summer months. (Myself and Max Stalling after a recent trip with Jacob)

I recently read an article recounting one young hunter’s struggle. Luke Zoesch is gay. He gave up bowhunting the Wisconsin whitetail woods he grew up in as he struggled to find his identity. Would he be ostracized by his friends and family if they knew the truth? Would the gay community ostracize him because he loves flinging broadheads at big bucks or chasing ruffed grouse with a trusty 12 gauge?

I’m not here to tell you whether homosexuality is right or wrong. I am going to shed some light on the topic though because I don’t feel like anyone should ever have to quit hunting or fishing due to social stereotypes. Thrilled to have Luke come on the show and share his story this week. Every ethical hunter is welcome around my campfire. We are at a pivotal point in our existence as hunters in this country. We need all hands on deck to join our ranks and help fight the good fight. (Luke at home in the whitetail woods with a bow in hand)