We talk about the ever increasingly popular sport of long range shooting with Horizon Firearms CEO Derrick Ratliff. Derrick recently shot in a North American Long Range Shooting Association event and advanced to the 2nd round shooting out to 700 yards. We talk about the new long range circuit which is run by the same folks who head up the Professional Bull Riding Circuit (PBR). Derrick discusses how to judge the wind at extreme distances and which calibers were the most prevalent at the shoot.

We then dive into our upcoming Africa Safaris and which calibers each of us are taking and some of the game we’ll be pursuing with each. Is the 6.5 Creedmoor enough gun to take down a giraffe? Derrick plans on finding out. We discuss shot placement and bullet selection as well.

Then we spend a couple segments with Gulf Coast German Pointer Shorthair Club President Gene Moseley. A lifelong bird dog trainer and upland hunter, Gene talks about the advantages of the GSP over other bird dog breeds in the field. We also look back at the history of this breed dating back to it’s roots in Germany where it was used for much more than upland birds.

Then we discuss the upcoming snake breaker clinic- a great idea for any hunting dog owner to enroll their dog in. If you hunt in the southern United States, it’s not a matter of if your dog will come into contact with a venomous snake – it’s a matter of when. Arming them with the knowledge to associate snakes with danger is the least we can do for our loyal hunting partners.