Thrilled to have the co directors of the new documentary “TROPHY” The Film join the show. 3 years ago, Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau set out on a mission to create a documentary to out the practice of sport and trophy hunting. What they uncovered along the way was a truth they never expected. From anti hunters to believers in the fact that hunting is indeed conservation. We discuss the film in detail from poaching to the black market rhino horn trade and the soul searching they had to do to come to terms with the fact that trophy hunting isn’t a bad thing at all. I hope you make it a point to watch this eye opening film.

Then we spend a couple segments with lifelong hunter Murray Choate- creator of the Slow Glow Hog Lite system. If there is a more effective way to hunt hogs over a feeder or bait site at night, I have yet to find it. By slowly lighting up the desired area, the hogs feel safe and ultimately aren’t aware that they are feeding under lights at all. We also discuss it’s application for bow hunters and shot placement on hogs with archery equipment. (archery hunter stalks up on hogs feeding under the Slow Glow)