We start this week’s off when T-Mate creator and owner Art Griepp joins us in the Lone Star Outdoor Show studio. After struggling for years to find a decent way to mount a trail camera in areas void of large trees, Art designed the T-Mate Game Camera Mount. I know I’ve had more photos of grass and cow’s posteriors than I care to remember. Looking forward to using Art’s solution in the field this fall.

Then we spend some time diving into today’s social media climate towards hunters and anglers. All too often, our ranks are subjected to pure hatred – even death threats from those who are too ignorant to look at facts or too blinded by hate to accept the truth about conservation and who funds it. GoWildApp Co Founder and CEO Brad Luttrell jumps on to talk about a safe place for those who share the outdoor passion. A place full of information and link minded outdoorsmen and women. Check out the FREE GoWildApp on ITunes and see for yourself.

We wrap up the broadcast by checking in with our old friend, author and wild game chef extraordinaire Hank Shaw. Hank takes us along on a recent upland bird trip for the ages. 5 species over 5 days in 2 states made for an epic experience and some tired dogs!

Then, I pick Hank’s brain on his favorite way to prepare an elk (or venison) shank. This cut is often just ground into hamburger meat by hunters. Big mistake, we tell you why. (Hank’s Portuguese Elk Shank Recipe plated)