It’s no surprise that Crossman Corp filed a petition with Texas Parks and Wildlife to try and get their Air Bow and Big Bore Air Rifles allowed as legal means of take during deer season. Afterall, they are the largest manufacturer of both on the planet. Somewhat surprisingly, TPWD decided to entertain the idea and do their own study on the lethality of these weapons. We discuss their findings with TPWD Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain. We discuss how effective at killing these weapons are and what season they would be allowed in. Also, does Alan and TPWD share my sentiment that the Air Bow is actually a gun that shoots a spear and not actually archery equipment? We find out.

Then we spend a couple segments talking venison with our old buddy and renown wild game chef Hank Shaw. If you’ve ever ordered a dry aged steak at a fancy restaurant then you know how tasty that process can make a cut of meat. It can do the same for specific cuts of venison. Hank tells us what cuts to dry age and how to do it. Turns out all you really need is a beer fridge lol. We don’t skip over wet aging either, a process that takes a lot less time and very little effort on your part.

We wrap up the show by going deep for winter blue cats with guide and North Carolina state record blue catfish hold Zakk Royce. He tells us where to find them, what water temps to look for and how to rig up to try and land a trophy blue cat. (Zakk with a recent 83 lber)