We kick things off by discussing an usual topic, but one that every hunter faces on a pretty regular basis. Where to go the bathroom in the whitetail woods? We’ve all been sitting in our blind or stand when an unfortunate case of bubble gut takes us by surprise. So…where to do the deed? Our old friend Dr. James Kroll (aka Dr. Deer) jumps on to talk about the 1’s and 2’s of the whitetail woods. Do deer know the difference between human waste vs a coyote or even livestock? What about #1? Dr. Deer has some interesting insight on the topic.

Then we spend a couple segments with one of my favorite new country artists when Mo Pitney stops by. The Illinois native sings some of the most authentic and well written songs I’ve heard in recent memory. So, when I found out Mo was a huge bowhunter and even raises his own Brittany’s, I knew we had to get him on the show. Tear Jerker Warning though- we take a listen to his tune “It’s Just A Dog” and you’ll probably end up with a tear in your beer.

Mo and ‘Duke’ chasing roosters in South Dakota:

We wrap up this broadcast with Quail Coalition Executive Director Jay Stine. Quail coveys appear to be down this season despite decent range conditions across much of the state. Jay gives us some things to think about from a parasite standpoint as well as predators. Interestingly, he even admits that there’s one predator that might even be helping quail numbers. Always great talking bobwhites with our good friend.