We discuss hippo hunting in Tanzania, the Grizzly Bear ban on hunting in British Columbia and the upcoming Dallas Safari Club Convention with DSC’s Executive Director Corey Mason. If 15,000 grizzly bear with hunters harvesting 200 annually isn’t sustainable use hunting, then I don’t know what is.

Next, we take a look at winter whitetail deer nutrition with QDMA’s Kip Adams. Their are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to when to feed deer during the winter, and in extreme cold weather environments feeding corn might actually be lethal to deer. Kip explains why.

Then we check in with Borderlands Research Institute Director Dr. Louis Harveson. We discuss their 17 year study on West Texas mountain lions and what their findings indicate for the longterm outlook of Texas’ largest apex predator. If you haven’t seen the short 7 minute film “The Lions of West Texas” I suggest you check it out. Very well done.

We wrap up the broadcast by taking a look at the ridiculous proposal by the Sierra Club to reintroduce Grey Wolves into Colorado. I explain why this is an incredibly stupid idea that flies in the face of North American wildlife conservation.