Texas Parks and Wildlife has approved the testing of a new sodium nitrite based hog poison called Hog Gone. TPWD Wildlife Division Director Clayton Wolf makes his return and we break down the widespread implications of introducing poison into the food chain. Clayton also talks about the lethality of this poison. How many times do the hogs have to ingest it? How fast does it kill them? Is sodium nitrite toxic to other animals and if so, how does TPWD intend to make sure that those other species don’t eat the poisoned feed? We get the answers.

Next, it’s a story of the one that got away when my friend Don Gresham joins the show. Don and I had the pleasure of enjoying a hunt in 15 degree weather earlier this week. I took a nice 10 pt on the hunt but we experienced something that neither of us had ever seen in the whitetail woods!

We wrap up the show by talking public land duck hunting and habitat improvement projects with Ducks Unlimited Regional Biologist Kevin Hartke. We discuss some of the projects his team is working on from a conservation standpoint and how they can benefit those of us who still grind it out on public land. We also dive into the funding behind these projects. It might shed some light on where your license sales funds go and how NAWCA (North American Waterfowl Conservation Act) uses federal dollars to match funds put up by DU and state agencies.