We start off by checking in with South Texas deer huntress Jayme Derouen who recently was able to harvest TWO Texas mountain lions while looking for a shooter buck at her deer lease. She recounts the events of that hunt. The odds of seeing one lion, let alone three (yes she saw three) and harvesting a pair are astronomical. Truly the hunt and experience of a lifetime.

Then we sit down with our old friend and lifelong hunter/conservationist Ivan Carter. When he speaks on conservation issues, people tend to listen. We get his take on some new initiatives regarding giraffes and anti poaching as well as changing social perception of hunting by the general public. 25 years ago, being a professional lion hunter or elephant hunter was a badge of honor. Now things couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ivan and I recording the interview at Dallas Safari Club Convention 2018

We wrap up the show by talking winter redfish, Texas Parks and Wildlife mandated fishing closures due to freezing temps and Hurricane Harvey’s revitalizing affect on the South Texas coastal fishery Captain Len Girard joins us to discuss.