We start off by visiting with whitetail hunter Jim Stinson. Jim oversees a 10,000 acre, 10 member deer lease in deep South Texas. Their strict management plan has resulted in some great deer over the years, but none were as impressive as the buck that became affectionately known as “Superbuck”. Sadly, this deer was poached in 2014 by one of the lease members and then snuck across state lines all the way back to Idaho. 2 years later, after a lengthy investigation and the hiring of private detectives, Superbuck was finally returned back to Texas. Jim talks about how they grow giant deer, and how they came to catch the poacher. (Jim and Superbuck after his return to Texas)

Then we discuss the latest in precision shooting with Horizon Firearms President Derrick Ratliff. Also, what is the correct age to introduce firearms to a youngster? Is there a right or wrong answer? Lastly, what can be done if your child (or even a friend for that matter) turns out to right hand, left eye dominant? Derrick breaks down what he did for his 5 year old son Rhyder.

We wrap up the broadcast by breaking down a recent anti hunting piece published by National Geographic. Author Stephen Leahey lumps hunters in with poachers while in the same breath blames hunting for the potential extinction of some of our big game species. Are you kidding me? I refute it with facts and science.