People often ask me “Why do you hunt?” My response is usually pretty vanilla: “Why do I hunt? I don’t know, why do I wake up in the morning? I just don’t know any other way. It’s who I am.”

Luckily, renown conservationist, author, hunter and tv show host Shane Mahoney is much more articulate and eloquent in explaining the answer to that question than I could ever hope to be.
When Shane speaks, I listen intently. I know you’ll enjoy this discussion on our inherent love for the wild others we share this planet with. We discuss it from a historical standpoint up to the current social trends we see with hunting and wildlife. Fascinating Stuff!

(Shane and I taping this conversation at the recent Dallas Safari Club convention)

(French cave art dating back 30,000 plus years. The artists of the day only painted animals. No landscapes, no trees, no sunsets, no lakes. Just the animals they hunted, the ones that hunted them and the ones they admired)

Then, Captain Nick Dykes jumps on to discuss what artificial baits are catching the most trout this winter. We get out of the boat and discuss his passion for wade fishing and why he finds that style of fishing so attractive.

(Captain Nick with a big Galveston speck)