We kick off the broadcast by checking in with Texas Parks and Wildlife Mule Deer and Pronghorn Program Leader Shawn Gray. After seeing a decline in the age structure of mule deer bucks in the Texas Panhandle in recent years, TPWD is pushing towards a mule deer antler restriction for the 2018-2019 season. This would be the first of it’s kind anywhere and largely influenced by the success we’ve seen in whitetail deer antler restrictions over the past decade or so.

We also discuss the Transpecos Pronghorn Translocation Project. Are we finally seeing positive results after being mired in pronghorn population decline in that region? Also, what affect do coyotes have on the overall population of the Transpecos herd? What steps (if any) does Texas Parks and Wildlife take to minimize the coyote mortality rate on pronghorn fawns? We discuss it all with Shawn.

Then we spend a couple segments with Silencer Co’s Darren Jones. We tackle suppressors and why they are beneficial for hunters and shooters alike, also what ever happened to the Hearing Protection Act? Is it still in the works or dead in the water? We discuss the “Trump Slump” that the firearm industry has seen over the past year. Plus, Darren walks us through the legal process of acquiring a suppressor for both the individual and group trust.

We round out the broadcast by discussing the new .224 Valkyrie caliber released by Federal Ammunition. Linda Powell of Mossberg Firearms jumps on to talk about it’s ballistic capabilities and availability in the AR platform. With spring turkey here, we also dive into some shotgun choices for the turkey woods.