We start off by visiting with Overstocks and Bargains owner Trent Gilley. He purchased the contents of 14 Gander Mountain stores that went out of business and is now selling that ammunition at deeply discounted rates. We discuss how Gander Mountain went belly up and how they were able to take advantage of that opportunity which ultimately benefits our listeners. Also, how does he plan on continuing to supply his customers with discounted ammunition once the Gander Mountain ammo is gone?

Then we spend a few segments with ‘Blood Origins’ founder and producer Robbie Kroger. What is a Blood Origin? How does that relate to us as hunters and anglers? Robbie talks about the new series and what he hopes to achieve with the project. This is one you don’t want to miss. What makes you tick as a hunter? We discuss.

We wrap up the show by talking duck hunting with Delta Waterfowls Kyle Wintersteen. The ringneck duck is often overlooked by most duck hunters, even passed over in favor of other ducks frequently. Why does the ringneck get a bad rap? Is it warranted? A trio of beautiful ringneck drakes (photo Kyle Wintersteen).