We start off by checking in with our 2017 Photo of the Year Grand Prize Winner – Marc Vaden. He won our June photo contest and a fan vote saw him beat out the other 11 monthly winners for a chance to join me on a trophy axis deer hunt. We discuss the hunt in detail with Marc and Koons Canyon Ranch owner Glynn Underwood. The coolest part about the whole deal? Marc harvested his axis buck with the Mossberg .270 Patriot he won as the June winner.

Marc with the biggest axis deer ever taken on the ranch!

Of course, I didn’t let Marc have all the fun. Took this nice buck on a fun spot and stalk hunt with my Horizon Firearms 7mag.

Then we spend a few segments with Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Wildlife Committee Chair – Delia Malone. The Sierra Club has been very public about their goal to reintroduce wolves into a state (Colorado) that boasts the greatest elk herd in North America. We debate the pros and cons as well as the science behind such a move in a civil manner. I believe we need to keep our friends close and enemies closer, and in this case the Sierra Club is no friend of conservation in my estimation.

A common claim by pro wolf groups is that wolves only prey on the old, the sick, the weak or the young. Reality is that wolves are opportunistic and although no fault of their own, will kill whatever is in front of them.