We start things off by heading to the underrated Brazos River with kayak guide Matt Scotch. Matt breaks down why that fishery produces big bass compared to other rivers. Also, what are the advantages to bass fishing out of kayaks? We recap our two recent outings together where we faced everything from rising water and fast currents to thunderstorms and a great top water bite! We cover it all, plus the increasing popularity of kayak fishing with Matt. (Matt with a double digit lunker he landed out of his kayak)

Next, a mountain lion hunt for the ages with a longtime fan of the show Clark Thompson. When one attempts to hunt cougar in North America, it’s generally done with hounds. So when I heard Clark’s tale of how he took this big New Mexico cat, I knew we had to have him share! Get ready for a unique blend of modern technology and hard nosed, old fashioned woodsmanship as Clark recounts what truly was the hunt of a lifetime.

We round out the broadcast by spending some time with our friend Kevin Reese of Pulsar Night Vision and Thermal Optics. We discuss a myriad of topics including the 6.5 Grendal as a reliable pig killing caliber. Of course we also dive into the night and thermal optics realm. Things have changed mightily in recent years. Consumers get much more than they did a decade ago, and for a lot less of an investment. Kevin breaks down the Pulsar Night Vision and Thermal line ups, price points for each as well as special functions unique to the Pulsar lines. (Incredible clarity can be expected from the new Pulsar thermals like this Helion monocular)